About Us

The Maltese Islands Festival of Drama, Music, Singing and Dance is a member of the British and International Federation of Festivals.

2020 will mark the fourth edition of the Maltese Islands Festival. Last year we had over 300 participants across the festival weekend!

The Festival is aimed at children and young people and takes the form of a competition. Participants will perform in front of an audience and professional adjudicator from the UK. 

The British and International Federation of Festivals work for amateur festivals everywhere to help create 1 million performance opportunities each year in the UK alone – especially for children and young people. There are over 560 members in the UK and internationally. 


Mission Statement - Our mission it to give the opportunity for amateurs to form an appreciation of artistic standards; to perform before a different type of audience, to be assessed, encouraged, and inspired by active professional Adjudicators they would not meet in any other way.

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