Festival Rules & Regulations

Festival Rules & Regulations new york, we love new york


• No refunds will be offered other than in cases where the category is cancelled.
• The Festival Management reserve the right to accept or refuse entries at their discretion.
• The Festival Management reserves the right to limit, cancel or subdivide any class.
• Where there is only one entrant in a class that entrant may be offered the option to change category or withdraw and have the
fee returned.
• In the event of having less than two members in a category, participants may be asked to join another category should they
wish. In the particular case of Classical Girls and Classical Boys, the two categories will become one (Classical Singing) if there
are not enough applicants in each category.
• Individual Entry: You may only enter for each category once.
• Group Entry: You may enter as a member of more than one group for the same category however the group must contain a
majority of different members and cannot essentially be deemed as the same group.
• Pointe Work solo applications must have a note of recommendation from the applicant’s teacher.
• Use of microphones is not permitted, for any of the categories.
• The Festival aims to be flexible regarding time limits within reason however should the category have a very strict time
schedule due to high numbers of participants the adjudicator reserves the right to stop a performance after the stated time
limit. The performer/s will not be penalised for this.
• Date of Birth is understood as age on date of performance ie. March 2020.
• Group entry: Age will be taken as the average age of the group (the mean age of the group will be calculated and must fall
within the assigned age bracket). On top of this, older members of the group must NOT exceed the age limit by more than
two years, even if they fall under the mean age of the group. This does not apply for younger students, there is no limit to
how much younger students may be, as long as they fall under the mean age.
• Members that are on the list may not be replaced by other members whose names were not submitted with the original group.
• Kindly attach a copy of your ID Card/Passport/Birth Certificate to your application (for both individual and groups).


• A legible copy of each Own Choice piece, as sheet music, must be provided for both adjudicator and accompanist in the
Classical Singing, Opera and Music categories. Failure to supply music may result in disqualification at the discretion of the
• Please note the Laws on Copyright which prohibit the unauthorised photocopying of music. The Festival assumes that anybody
using photocopies has the permission of the publisher to do so. The Festival accepts no responsibility for the arrangement or
purchase of sheet music or backing tracks.
• A typed copy of any published dramatic excerpts, poems or presentations should be prepared for the adjudicator.
• The title of the applicant’s pieces at the festival must be stated in the application form, along with the author/composer and
the name of the school or teacher that the student is representing where applicable.
• High Quality backing tracks or playback music should be emailed to the Festival Team by NO LATER THAN 20th January
• Own Choice selections and respective costumes must be suitable and appropriate for performance before a mixed audience,
which may include young children.
• Classical Singing and Opera categories must sing with an accompanist.
• Accompaniment should be sourced individually by the applicants. Should you require us to recommend an accompanist, kindly
get in touch via email on info@themalteseislandsfestival.com
• Music Applicants must provide their own instrument (with the exception of Piano), and should inform us at application phase,
should they be needing anything in particular such as music stands.


• Audience tickets may be purchased at the Spazju Kreattiv reception desk at St. James Cavalier or through Spazju Kreattiv
website: www.kreattivita.org. Tickets are non-refundable.
• Day tickets allow entrance into the Festival events however entrance into the specific performance halls for each categories
will be done on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to seating capacity.
• Late-comers will only be admitted by the Festival Team at a suitable gap in the performances.


• There may be photos taken at the festival by appointed festival photographers. These may be used for future promotion of the
festival. General photography taken by members of the public is prohibited due to child protection laws.
• No eating or drinking inside the performance halls.
• No use of mobile phones during the performance categories – Please ensure phones are switched off or on silent mode.
• Audience members will be invited to leave at a suitable gap in the performance category should they wish; however this will
be announced by the Festival Steward so as not to disrupt the performers.
• Audience members are to leave the venues in between categories to allow the participants for a change-over.


• Participants may attend any other categories throughout the festival weekend free of charge upon presentation of their
Festival Participant Identification. Entrance to category performance halls will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
• Participants are to leave the venues in between categories to allow other participants for a change-over, and each time they
will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.
• Participants must be appropriately dressed for their respective performance genres.
• Participants must be respectful of others at all times and must be quiet during a performance.
• You may be asked to show an ID card/proof of identification and age prior to your performance in the festival (copy of birth
Certificate/identity card/copy of passport).
• No eating or drinking inside the performance halls.
• Performers are to come ready dressed in suitable attire.
• Group costumes are expected to be suited to the style of the piece.
• The Festival Team will be circulating the building at all times and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children
and young people while attending the Festival. The Festival Management and Team do not directly supervise public areas at all
times. The safety of our patrons is important to us. We request that parents/guardians/carers and teachers ensure that children
or young people under their care are supervised at all times when using the public areas such as toilets, café, lobby, stairs etc.
Concerns in relation to safety should immediately be reported to a member of the Festival Team.


• The Adjudicator may, at his or her discretion, interrupt the performance if the time limit has been exceeded.
• At no time may the Adjudicator be approached, before, during or after a class to discuss decisions or results. Please address
any complaints in writing to the Festival Management.
• In the event of a single entry being received the entrant may perform and if, in the opinion of the Adjudicator, the performance
has reached the necessary standard of marking, the appropriate prize shall be duly awarded.
• The Adjudicators’ feedback forms may be obtained by the Participants immediately after the category closes or you may
collect from the Festival Management at a later date.

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